9 Actors Who Were Cruelly Dubbed Out Of Their Own Roles

8. David Prowse - Star Wars

Darth Vader Scream Awards 600x300 David Prowse is Darth Vader. Well, he's the big mass of flesh that fills out that suit, at least. James Earl Jones does the voice (Simba's dad, Mufasa, from The Lion King). If Prowse is to be believed, the dubbing was the result of a rather cruel betrayal. He delivered the lines himself during shooting and has gone on record stating his angry belief that he is a victim of "reverse racism" in relation to being replaced by the black James Earl Jones. What that means, exactly? Nobody is sure. Due to his thick West Country English accent, the other actors dubbed him "Darth Farmer." Seems like everyone knew how absurd his voice acting was except for the man himself. What's more, after the crushing disappointment of his voice not being included in the film, he was promised that in Return of the Jedi he could play Vader with his helmet off. Yeah, never happened. That role went to Sebastian Shaw. We don't really know if he was particularly liked by the crew at the time, but he certainly isn't anymore. He's banned from attending official Star Wars affairs due to George Lucas having disowned him, stating he's "burnt too many bridges." Not only do LucasFilm seem to have cruelly-dubbed out half his Star Wars related work, they seem to be doing their damnedest to immolate any remaining remnants of his attachment to the franchise.

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