9 Actors Who Were Cruelly Dubbed Out Of Their Own Roles

7. Chris Farley - Shrek

600x300 Chris Farley Chris Farley was the original choice to play Shrek. In fact, Dreamworks were said to be 80% to 90% through voice recording at the time of Farley's death. We're not saying Mike Myers didn't do a good job, or that the producers had much of a choice replacing him (it's kind of a downer for a kids' film to have such a prominent posthumous voice credit). What we are saying is that this was cruel. On everyone. We were robbed of another awesome Farley movie, Dreamworks were robbed of their leading man, and Chris Farley was robbed of life. Man, that's pretentious. Some of those involved with the recording process have gone on record stating their belief that it was one of Farley's best performances. Maybe it was... we're yet to hear it: the audio has never been released in any form.

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