9 Actors Whose Big Break Movies Almost Ruined Their Careers

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Jake Lloyd Star Wars

All it takes in Hollywood is one big break to come your way and sometimes you're set for life. Sam Worthington can live off the back of Avatar (and its sequels) for as long as it sits so high in the all-time box-office list and Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter leads will probably get work for as long as they want thanks to the first big films on the CVs.

Being handed those golden opportunities obviously mean a lot so no actor should be held accountable for signing on. After all, it's not like everyone can have the foresight to see that some of these supposed sure-fire hits will end up being turkeys.

And not only that, in the worst cases, what should have been the chance of a lifetime and a great career among the Hollywood elite ends up derailing those fledgling careers entirely. The damage isn't always irreversible, but few who go through such stinging set-backs make it back to where they should have been if their big breaks had worked out...


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