9 Annoying Minor Movie Characters Everyone Wanted To Die

9. Melvin Plugg - Tremors

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Tremors is without question one of the better B-movies out there. While it wasn't a hit in theaters, once it reached VHS it found its audience and battling the bizzare but terrifying Graboids played a major part in revitalizing the career of Kevin Bacon.

The residents of Perfection are a big reason for the success of the film, yet many of them are unlikable it is easy to look forward to seeing them killed. Walter Chang was guaranteed to die once he started taking advantage of the situation to make money and survivalists Burt and Heather Gummer seemed nailed on to go but arguably the most annoying character of all was Melvin, the obligatory teenager of the group.

Everything Melvin says or does is designed to annoy both the townsfolk and the viewer, drawing the ire of Fred Ward's Earl Bass on more than one occasion. From silly practical jokes to "crying wolf" and his out of place surfer speak, Melvin a dude you really want to see grabbed and pulled down where he belongs.

Except he survives... but indirectly causes his father to be eaten by the giant worm in a horrifically painful way instead.

After this, Melvin becomes almost catatonic from the trauma of losing his only parent so perhaps he did get what was coming to him in a way but it's hard not to feel a little bit cheated that the Graboids didn't take him.

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