9 Annoying Movie Characters That Only Existed To Explain The Plot

Parker2 It€™s an inevitable fact that at some point in a film there€™ll have to be some exposition. In fantastical movie worlds there€™s naturally going to be a multitude of elements that have to be set up before the actual story can begin, but even the most simplistic of concepts still require some level of set up. How ham fisted it ends up being really depends on how skilled the screenwriter is and that€™s exactly what I€™ll be looking at today. You never notice when it€™s been done well because it comes across as natural to both the characters and the narrative, but the moment you spot it done badly that€™s you immediately sucked out of the action. Otherwise brilliant scripts can fall apart when the characters suddenly break out of the world and all but scream facts at the audience. But some films take it one further and create characters who exist solely to divulge or reiterate the plot to us. While this can work if an effort is made to add depth and purpose (what are Obi-Wan Kenobi€™s lines in the original Star Wars trilogy if not a constant stream of plot points), sometimes the offenders just coming across as annoying. And it is nine of those attempts that we€™ll be looking at today.

Honourable Mention: Basil Exposition - Austin Powers

Basil In a direct parody of M, who fits the bill completely across all the Bond films (except for Skyfall), Basil Exposition appears throughout the Austin Powers trilogy and in his few brief appearances manages to send up the exact sort of characters we€™re looking at this list, as well as providing plenty of jokes beside. Neither M nor Basil are particularly annoying so stand out as examples of exposition driven characters who actually work. Click next to explore ones that don€™t.

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