9 Annoying Movie Characters That Only Existed To Explain The Plot

9. Mathis - Casino Royale

Mathis René Mathis may have been part of Ian Fleming's Bond novels from the very beginning, but that didn't stop him being completely reinvented as an exposition deliverer for Casino Royale. He spends a lot of time on screen during the first two of Daniel Craig€™s Bond, but don€™t let that trick you into thinking he€™s in the film for any other reason. Look at everything he does in Craig's first outing. He has a Montenegrin police chief arrested to protect James and then watches over Vesper during the high stakes poker game. Both of those moments are only present to stop the audience asking questions; the arrest explains why Le Chiffre wouldn't have the police eating out of his hand and having him with Vesper gives the script a convenient way to explain the rules of Texas Hold 'Em to viewers new to poker. Compared to most entries on this list Mathis is pretty well executed, but the script doesn't fully cover up what exactly he€™s there to do; when it€™s revealed he€™s been working with Le Chiffre it€™s more €˜oh, OK€™ rather €˜oh my goodness€™. This is only emphasised further in Quantum Of Solace when we learn he wasn't actually implicated with the criminal, showing the whole betrayal subplot up for the fake character development it was.

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