9 Awesome Movies That Were Shot In Secret

Nobody saw them coming.

Cloverfield Ending

Who doesn't love a surprise? With the rapturous response to the recent shock release of The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix, it's clear that, in an industry rife with excessive PR hype, teaser trailers for teaser trailers and general over-exposure to movies before you're even sat in the cinema, this marketing strategy was a major breath of fresh air.

Sure, the movie wasn't that great, but it's nevertheless proven how open audiences are to stealth movie releases and films being conceived in secret with short lead times.

The Cloverfield Paradox isn't the first film to do this, of course, and not even the first in its own franchise to pull a similar stunt. These nine movies, in fact, were all filmed long before the general public had any idea they existed, either out of creative necessity or mere directorial preference, and the end results were nothing short of terrific.

From documentaries filmed on the down-low in order to protect their subjects and ensure the best possible footage, to small art-house projects shot in the dark until they were fully formed in the editing room, and a certain Earth-shattering monster movie that totally changed the game, these awesome movies were all conceived without the world's prying eyes glaring at them...

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