9 Awesome Supporting Characters Who Should Have Their Own Spin-Off

These guys really need to get a movie of their own.

In a movie landscape where the franchise blockbuster is king, studios are always looking for new ways to make more and more movies from the same, pre-existing ideas. We've all grown accustomed to sequels, prequels, reboots, reimaginings (which is really just the previous, but dressed in black) and splitting films in two. Now it seems the latest technique is the spin-off. We say latest because while taking a supporting player of an existing film and blowing it up to its own property is far from new, it is certainly seeing a forceful resurgence. Disney look set to release a new Star Wars film each year from 2015 onwards by filling the gaps between episode with expansive solo adventures, while the world of animation can't resist turning their cute merchandising magnets in feature length series (see The Penguins Of Madagascar, Minions and Planes). If we must have a new film in a franchise, its a damn sight more refreshing to see a new direction than the same old sequels, as long as the main series doesn't pool all its efforts into setting it up (turn your attention to The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Here are nine supporting characters we really think should have their own spin-off. Some could very well happen, others are nigh on impossible, but all would be freaking awesome.
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