9 Baffling Horror Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

Did they think we wouldn't notice?

Orphan movie
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Horror is arguably the genre that moviegoers get the most invested in. Although we know we are watching a piece of fiction, it doesn't stop our pulse racing or our heart pounding when we see the characters on-screen in danger. Even when a monster looks fake or the gore isn't particularly convincing in a slasher flick, viewers tend to ignore it to allow ourselves to be entertained.

But there's one thing that stops us from fully enjoying the experience - mistakes. Because horror movies usually have a tight schedule and shoestring budget, the production team don't have the time or money to reshoot as much as they'd like. As a result, there may be a couple of oversights.

Obviously, we can forgive minor missteps. If a prop changes position by an inch, it's no big deal. But there are some gaffes that are so distracting, you just can't let them go. When you're trying to enjoy a movie and you suddenly see the background changing in-between shots, or a crew member onscreen, it boggles the mind how the director, editor, or the actors didn't notice them.

9. George Clooney's Tattoo - From Dusk Till Dawn

Orphan movie

Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk 'Till Dawn has a couple of infamous blunders. George Clooney's vest changes from white to black in-between shots. Characters are covered in blood one moment and are bone-dry the next.

But the most common mistake in this vampire extravaganza revolves around the neck tattoo of Seth Gecko. Even though Clooney's character is riddled in ink, this criminal usually wears a jacket so the tattoo on his throat is the only one that's regularly visible.

Now, fake tattoos are tricky to maintain in film since they have to be constantly repainted and touched up for the sake of continuity. It's even harder to maintain when the marking is an asymmetrical swirl like the one that Clooney bears.

Throughout the film, this tattoo disappears, reappears, changes position, and changes style. In the last scene, it noticeably smudges, proving it's totally fake. Considering this tattoo has nothing to do with the story, it makes you wonder why the crew bothered since it just made their jobs so much harder. Imagine how easy it would've been for the continuity guy if Clooney had a tattoo of a skull or a smiley face instead.

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