9 Behind-The-Scenes Occurrences That Make Famous Horror Films Even Scarier

7. The Conjuring: Something Clawed Vera Farmiga's Laptop

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Vera Farmiga didn't just have malign spirits to deal with on set while filming The Conjuring, she also had unseen forces attacking her belongings off it.

The actress, who plays paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in the film, refused to take the screenplay home because it made her feel uneasy, and her fears were only compounded when she opened her laptop one day to find three slashes on the screen, as though some invisible creature had clawed it.

Perhaps Farmiga has spent too much time in the Bates Motel, but she isn't the only one to report strange goings on during production. Director James Wann claims his dog was agitated by an unseen entity on set, and the hotel the cast were staying at caught fire, forcing the staff to evacuate.

When the Perrons - the real-life family The Conjuring is based around - visited the set, more bizarre occurrences are said to have happened. Crew members report seeing a gust of wind swirling around them, even though the surrounding trees were still.

Did supernatural forces cause this weather anomaly? Or did somebody on set just leave a fan on, or something?

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