9 Behind-The-Scenes Occurrences That Make Famous Horror Films Even Scarier

8. The Exorcist: The Lightning-Struck Church

The Exorcist Reagan
Warner Bros.

A number horrible things happened during the production of The Exorcist, so many that E! made a two-hour documentary to chronicle them all.

On-set fires and mysterious deaths in the immediate families of cast and crew members led some to believe the demon which possessed Regan had taken up residence in the celluloid itself, and these claims were taken seriously enough for the studio to call in a priest to bless the set.

Even more chilling was an incident which occurred during the film's premiere in Rome. A 16th-century church across the street from the theatre was struck by lightning, causing its cross to fall to the ground.

Whether the power of Satan compelled this event to occur is unclear, but everyone involved with The Exorcist was convinced something strange was going on.

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