9 Beloved Films With Boring Scenes That Everybody Ignores

Pretty awesome films, just with one unnecessary scene where you couldn't care less.

There's few things a movie can do worse than be boring. If something is an abomination to the cinematic art at least that warrants a good rant later on. A boring film subdues you by draining you of all ability to be angry. This differentiation is where the whole notion of "so bad it's good" films comes from. Of course no film really goes so deep into the bowels of hell and comes out the other end a masterpiece; no matter how hard cine-hipsters may try to be different and claim otherwise, Batman And Robin is objectively awful. But it is possible to derive some enjoyment from films like The Wicker Man or The Room thanks to their complete disregard for quality. They engage you, just as a great film would, only in a different, mildly irritating, way. And that's why boring films are worse; they lose you exactly because they fail to engage you. Even the most visually impressive event movies can illicit only a shrug because they offer nothing other than the pretty pictures from the trailer. Nowhere is this better exemplified that with the completely misguided Kevin Costner vehicle Waterworld, which just tries a little too hard to be watchablefor laughs. This lack of engagement makes it all the more impressive when a bland film somehow manages to pull you back in for a moment. Or conversely all the more disheartening when a film that is otherwise spot-on slips for five minutes into the land of weariness. Here are nine of these films, which are still pretty awesome, just with one unnecessary scene where you couldn't care less.

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