9 Beloved Films With Boring Scenes That Everybody Ignores

9. The World's End - The First Fight

The World's End was an altogether more ambitious entry in the Three Flavours trilogy than Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz which preceded it. Not directly setting out to parody a broad genre as before, it was a more mature piece from messrs Wright and Pegg, boasting an emotionally daring story and more action than previously. Seeing as Wright had shown assurance in the latter area with Scott Pilgrim, everything should be awesome, right? Not quite. The fight scenes in The World's End may be competently shot and when there's a comedy string through them (Pegg's Gary King attempting to hold a full pint throughout) things are masterful. Unfortunately the first one kicks things off poorly. A bathroom-set showdown between our middle-aged heroes and hooded youths/aliens slowing the film's narrative and comedic pace to a standstill. It's a long, uneventful scene indistinguishable from any other (non-comedy) film that serves no narrative purpose other than to make sure everyone's aware there's blue-liquid fuelled 'blanks' around.

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