9 Best Movies Announced This Week (Jan 27th)

More Transformers and exciting updates on Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright...

Bumblebee Movie
Paramount Pictures

Already this year we've seen the announcement of a new Ghostbusters film, the suggestion of a Young Avengers project and more Mission: Impossible movies, so it's safe to safe the cinematic Gods are blessing us.

This week has seen more of the same excitement, with news of new projects for Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan, some compelling true-life tales and a new comic book adaptation coming from Sandra Bullock and Netflix. Oh, and there's also the small matter of the next film giving Nicolas Cage the opportunity to show off his... certain set of skills.

So what are the biggest and most exciting projects that have been announced or confirmed this week? Let's start with a vague, but VERY exciting one...

9. Christopher Nolan's Next Movie

Christopher Nolan shooting Interstellar
Warner Bros.

Release: July 17th, 2020

For now, Christopher Nolan's next movie remains as enigmatic as the director himself, but we at least now know that it's coming on July 17th, 202. Whatever it is.

All that we really know is that it's going to be an "event film," which is about as vague as you're ever likely to get. But then, Nolan is now in a position that secrecy is a marketing tool: his profile is big enough and his pull strong enough that he almost doesn't need any fore-warning on his movies.

Still, it would be nice to have SOME idea of what we're getting, particularly as it will be competing directly with the VERY important release of the new Spingebob Movie next year. Watch this space.


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