9 Most Brutally Satisfying Fights Ever Put On Film

8. Dredd: Choke On It

In all honesty, Dredd is like a futuristic version of The Raid: Redemption. Both involve a drug lord, both involve a task force, both involve our protagonists moving from floor-to-floor of a high-rise, and hell, they both even have a tension-filled moment in which the heroes hide in a random room while villainous roustabouts walk on by. The comparisons are numerous (and strange considering they were both in production at nearly the same times) and impossible to overlook, but Dredd nonetheless makes it work. Of course, The Raid Redemption is a far superior film, but Dredd delivers its formula with a reckless, balls-to-the-wall fervour. So much in fact, that it's easy to forgive its copycat similarities because of how damn energetic the entire experience is. They weren't trying to make a thinking man's thriller with the occasional bit of gunplay; the filmmakers were trying to make a simple, mindlessly brutal endeavour to coincide with the viciousness of the comic-book character himself. And really, when compared to the 90's version, this adaption is a masterpiece. While the narrative was a near-constant assault of blood-spattered shoot-outs and explosive gadgetry, the one moment that truly separated itself from the pack was that of a close-quarter-fight between Dredd and one of his own; a Judas Judge by the name of Chan. Up until this point (and even after), Dredd has performed his duties from afar via his handy, multi-mode firearm. This time, however, betrayal forces Dredd up-close and nasty as both judges lay into one another with punches, knees, a few bullets to the feet and of course; a graphic throat-crushing via club. It's definitely not the greatest fight scene, but the succinctness and fast-paced brutality of the duel make it stand out from a film that's nearly entirely comprised of duck-and-cover blasting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc7RezBU_oQ

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