9 Famous Comedians Who Were Brutally Unfunny In Movies

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If there's one basic truth in the entertainment industry, it's that pretty much everyone in it wants to dip their toes in every puddle, pond and pool going. "Sure, I can make an album," the actor says. "Sure, I'll be a guest star on your TV show," the pop star says. "Yeah, I'd love to host a game show," the professional wrestler says. (That last one hasn't happened yet, but it's merely a matter of time.) So it's only natural that most stand-up comedians want to give it a shot in Hollywood once they have enough name-recognition to get their foot in the door. But that transition from one facet of showbiz to another can be a tricky one, and it's been proven time and time again that the ability to perform live comedy doesn't always translate to the big screen. In fact, sometimes it seems like a hindrance. There's nothing more awkward than watching a big name comic flounder in a big screen comedy. Some of them are so horrible that it almost feels like they're trying to be unfunny. It's especially cringe-worthy because they have so many chances to get it right on set. There's a built-in safety net, because it's not being done live. You'd think that would make it easier on these comedians, but somehow it tends to go the other way.
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