9 Famous Screen Actors Who Were More Successful As Voice Artists

Sometimes, the voice is all you need.

Warner Bros./Lucasfilm

Given that animated films and TV shows - not to mention video games - are increasingly big business, it should come as no surprise that more traditional screen actors are willing to star in these features for a cut of the profit.

Animated movies are all too willing to pay for a recognizable voice to star in their project, and lately we’ve seen many popular actors from the big screen provide the voices to a number of our favorite video game and animated TV characters.

In most cases, the famous actors who take on a voice role have already made great strides in cinema history and will be remembered exclusively for their live-action performances.

However, when they were called to the mic, some popular screen actors have found that voice roles were a better fit for their talents, and subsequently allowed these speaking-only parts to make up a large proportion of their work.

From moderately recognizable actors to some of the biggest names in cinema history, many actors have found that becoming a voice actor has provided them with more work, more opportunity, and a greater degree of success and/or fame than their previous acting careers were ever able to provide them with.


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