9 Famous Screen Actors Who Were More Successful As Voice Artists

9. John Ratzenburger


Famous in the 1980s for his long-standing role as Cliff Clavin in the hugely popular sitcom Cheers, John Ratzenberger has made no significant live-action appearances in television or film since the show’s ending. This was mostly due to the fact that, despite appearing on Cheers for its entire run, Ratzenberger was never able to establish that he was a leading man due to his character’s dependance on George Wendt’s character, Norm Peterson.

A mere two years after the ending of Cheers, however, Clavin’s acting career would be dominated by voice acting due to his role as Hamm the Piggy Bank in Toy Story. From then on, Ratzenberger would star in every Pixar film released, and even found voice roles in the Simpsons, as well as the English dub of the Japanese animated classic Spirited Away.

Looking back on the sub-par performances he made as a screen actor, it's easy to see how Ratzenberger's current standing as a voice actor overshadows his previous work as he manages to create a memorable moment in almost every voice role that he is given.


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