9 Fan Service Moments Everyone Wants In Upcoming Movies

Who isn't dying for more Porgs in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker?!


In this world where you can't move for Star Wars, The Avengers or The Justice League, it's fair to say that Hollywood is currently in the age of fandoms.

It seems like every month nowadays there's a comic book or sci-fi franchise pumping out another billion-dollar box office hit, and the opinion of die-hard fans is almost as worthwhile as those of even the most seasoned of critics. For the average moviegoer, the latest superhero movie might just be a relatively entertaining and lighthearted adventure with plenty of CGI battles, but for comic book fans, there are potentially hundreds of subtly hidden easter eggs just for people like them.

There is absolutely no shortage of franchise films coming in the near future, and by extension, there will be plenty of hidden details and fan-servicing moments hidden in plain sight to keep the most avid fans scanning the screen and pointing their fingers at that devilish reference to The Condiment King or Spider-Man's nail clippers.


9. A Nod To Tails - Sonic The Hedgehog


The Sonic The Hedgehog movie, in all it's promotional material thus far, has truly been a sight to behold. The smorgasbord of glaring issues with the film presented so far has marked the upcoming Sonic film as a potential cult classic, for better or worse. If you're a passionate enough fan to ignore the hammy-looking acting, tired gags and the outright painfully ugly design for the titular hedgehog, you might still find some solace in potential fan service.

The world of Sonic The Hedgehog is rich with a cast of weird and wonderful characters that have become so dear to the hearts of Sonic fans everywhere that it would be impossible for the upcoming film to pay homage to all the fan-favourites. So why not keep things simple, and introduce perhaps the most famous of Sonic's multi-coloured companions, Tails?

The young, naive and flight-capable fox who made his debut all the way back in 1992, the likelihood of an end/mid-credits scene hinting at the wider world of Sonic would surely get fans' hearts racing with a glimpse at their favourite two-tailed fox... or Shadow, if they're feeling a bit edgy.

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