9 Filmmakers Who Apologised For Their Movies

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

There's a wise old saying that goes €œIt takes as much effort to make a bad film as it does to make a good one.€ If people think of the worst movie they€™ve ever seen €“ something with almost no redeeming values €“ it was still the result of a lot of hard work. Work from an exhausted crew setting up lights and equipment in bad weather, a director trying to shoot pages worth of material in a few short hours or an editor trying his best to salvage the footage he€™s been handed. This doesn€™t mean the finished film is any less terrible of course; it just means that nobody sets out to make a bad one. It happens all the time though, with even big name filmmakers having to grin and bear it if they make a turkey. They still have to go out and promote it; giving interviews about how great it is or how much fun audiences are going to have watching it. They know it€™s a lie, but they signed on so they have a professional obligation to help sell it. Some people are more honest than others however, so when the press dies down and the movie has been and gone, they let their true feelings known. They acknowledge the movie didn€™t work out, and some even apologise for their part in it...

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