9 Films That Changed Due To Fan Backlash

Gotta go fast! Back to the effects department.

Paramount Pictures

If you have an opinion about literally anything, it's never been easier to make your voice heard than it is right now. Social media, comments forms, and YouTube videos have changed the way we communicate, and it's possible to find thousands of opinions on the latest hot topic with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This also means that it's impossible for movie studios to miss (or ignore) the reactions their films receive. Because vocal minorities can quickly become the dominant voice by way of organised efforts like review-bombing, if even a small portion of a fanbase has an issue with a movie, those cries will definitely be heard.

Filmmakers and studios have even been known to respond to this negative feedback and backlash, whether by significantly overhauling the film in question, adding or changing a small scene, or changing characters to better match the source material.

At the end of the day, movie companies have to please viewers if they want to make their money back, and while these changes didn't all work out for the best, they're proof that our opinions can genuinely have an effect on the films we pay to see.


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