9 Harsh Truths DC Need To Face About Their Upcoming Movies

Marvel's superheroes are a hell of a lot more charismatic, for one thing.

The DC Cinematic Universe - or the "DC Extended Universe" as the marketing guys over at Warner Bros. have decided to brand it - is a curious entity. Depending on your personal levels of optimism, it's either a huge, sprawling franchise with the potential to soar... or, like the Titanic, it's only a matter of time before it hits an iceberg and it's game over, guys. Unlike its Marvel counterpart, the sizeable colossus that the DC Cinematic Universe is out to replicate, there's a sense that things haven't been quite so well thought out - that the studio aren't sure where to take the franchise, or how to work its interconnected angles, or how to bring everything together in a way that means "profit." In short, it's all a bit of a mess. In order to move onwards and upwards, then, the studio are in desperate need of some self-reflection and clarification; Warner Bros. and DC need to sit down and find out what, exactly, they're trying to do - and why. They need to be brave enough to see where they've gone wrong, what their weaknesses are, and where they sit compared to Marvel Studios. In other words, they need to face up to some pretty harsh truths surrounding their somewhat overwhelming and erroneous upcoming movie slate. Harsh truths such as...


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