9 Harsh Truths DC Need To Face About Their Upcoming Movies

8. Audiences Will Never Care About Superman Like They Do Batman

This is something akin to the elephant in the room as far as DC and Warner Bros. are concerned. And it's presumably a truth that the studio decided to acknowledge by way of Batman v Superman, a movie which morphed into place instead of Man of Steel 2. Basically, then, the reality is that whilst audiences like Superman, they love Batman. And given that a movie studio's aim is to make money, it would obviously be dumb to ignore the Batman character at the height of his popularity (which is why Man of Steel 2 was dumped in favour of a film in which Superman fights Batman, of course). Thing is, film-goers will always prefer Batman over Superman, which isn't great news when you're trying to build a cinematic universe off the back of the latter; Batman is more interesting to people, however, him being an actual human being - not to mention in the wake of his legacy brought on by Christopher Nolan's successful Dark Knight films. For Warner Bros., though, this must be akin to a real pain in the ass, as movie-goers are unlikely to shift their position on this matter. Superman is no longer one of the most popular superhero characters of modern times - an annoying truth when he's your franchise's second most recognisable character and you're forced to relegate him to a secondary player.

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