9 Harsh Truths DC Need To Face About Their Upcoming Movies

6. Aquaman Is An Incredibly Hard Sell With Or Without The Right Actor

Aquaman is often thought of as one of the worst superheroes ever - at least, he's considered as something of a joke in this modern era of darkly-inclined characters. Mounting a movie off the back of Aquaman, then, is going to prove to be something of a near impossible task - and one that must be causing a lot of executives over at DC to be losing a whole lot of sleep. Thing is, DC don't have as many iconic characters at their disposal, and so they've been forced into deploying otherwise naff superheroes all because success rides with the notion of an expansive, interconnected cinematic universe. It might have been smarter for the studio to cast a higher profile actor in the role, instead of the relatively unknown Jason Momoa (a risky choice, given the way that his Conan reboot movie flopped at the box office a few years back). Had Warner Bros. opted for somebody with established star power, Aquaman would still been a major risk - with Momoa positioned as the main character, it's almost like the studio want the film to fail. Of course, that's not the case - they're clearly hoping that the force of the other DC movies will drive audiences into theatres for Aquaman, but given the lack of fanbase this is dangerous territory. Not that Warner Bros. ultimately want to admit this truth, of course.

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