9 Horror Movie Franchises That Literally Do The Same Thing Repeatedly

We could watch Ash Williams running around all day...

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If there is one thing the horror movie industry loves nothing more, it's pumping out a long line of sequels that get progressively worse the longer a franchise clings on.

Because horror films tend to have that perfect combination of being the cheapest and simplest films to write, shoot and produce, their return on investment tends to be through the roof in comparison to other releases in other genres. Plus, horror might be the only genre in entertainment where a poor critical response to a film doesn't mean a planned sequel isn't immediately scrapped.

Just look at the Leprechaun franchise.

However, with a genre that is so happy pumping out the sequels in a way no other does, there's always going to be a certain amount of crossover and repetition in the films. From rehashing the same ideas and strategies, shooting the same sequences again and again, to literally dropping in the same items and objects from previous films and hoping nobody notices, there's no end to the ways in which horror writers will try to just get their releases over the line.

9. Leprechaun - Pots Of Gold And Four Leaf Clovers

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For those who aren't familiar, Leprechaun is a series of films that revolve around a maniacal little Leprechaun played by Warwick Davies (for the first six titles at least) running around various settings, dishing out less than funny quips, hunting down his pot of gold and killing people in increasingly ludicrous ways. Whilst Davies certainly gives it his all, these films are all painfully low budget, poorly acted and suffer from a serious case of confused tone.

They're also pretty light on bringing anything new to the table with each release.

Whilst the settings range from the countryside, city, Las Vegas strip, the hood and all the way to outer space, each and every film in the series generally just boils down to seeing this little Leprechaun running around spouting off about his pot of gold.

In fact, the franchise is constantly just repeating the same lore about these mythical beings and throwing in the same items to just keep each film going, with pots of gold, shoe shining, four leaf clovers and whiskey all popping up excessively in every instalment.

Learning that Leprechauns like pots of gold, shining shoes and drinking whiskey and they don't like four leaf clovers might have been a handy thing to learn in the first film, however it's pretty infuriating having to see them all explained and in action with every single title that comes along afterwards.

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