9 Horror Movie Remake Deaths That Were Way Better Than The Original

8. Eddie Kaspbrak - It

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While there is clearly a certain charm to 1990's two-part It miniseries, that first adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 novel was surpassed on so many levels by Andy Muschietti's pair of It movies.

As Muschietti's picture drew to a close, it pulled at its audience's heartstrings as it killed off poor Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone). Eddie went out like a champ; coming to the rescue of Richie, so nearly killing Pennywise, before fatally being impaled by one of the nefarious creature's spider legs.

Following that impalement, we see Eddie use his last words to remind his friends to mock Pennywise in order to topple the beast. Adding even more emotion to the death of Ransone's character, his pals are forced to leave his dead body behind as their cavern setting implodes - all tinged with the implication that Richie and Eddie were maybe more than just friends.

How does this death compare to that of Dennis Christopher's Eddie from 1990? Well, that iteration of the character was briefly grabbed by Pennywise, dropped to the floor, then died. No impaling, no sense of terror, and no real emotion to what should've been portrayed as a far bigger deal for the Losers' Club.

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