9 Horror Movie Villains We ALL Foolishly Thought Had WON

8. Chucky & Tiffany - Cult Of Chucky

Halloween Kills Michael Myers

The end of 2013's Curse of Chucky had us all thinking that Chucky had 'won' and was about to kill his long-time friend 'till the end Andy Barclay - only for Andy to be ahead of the game, turning the tables and shooting the Good Guy doll with a shotgun.

By the time of follow-up Cult of Chucky four years later, that movie pulls a similar stunt in letting you believe that evil has won out and that Chucky and Tiffany have outsmarted everyone else in the movie - including the now-institutionalised Andy.

In Cult, it's eventually revealed that Chucky has managed to put his spirit into several Good Guy dolls, meaning he's able to terrorise multiple people in multiple places, all at the same time.

By the time all is said and done with the film, the movie closes with a scene of protagonist Nica (possessed by part of Chucky's soul), the real-life Tiffany and the doll Tiffany laughing maniacally as they drive off to freedom to cause more carnage; all while Andy Barclay remains locked down in a mental hospital.

Changing this evil ending up, though, there's a post-credits scene featuring Andy's former foster sister Kyle entering a cabin to torture the original Chucky's severed head.

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