9 Horror Movie Villains Who Turned Hero In The Sequel

8. Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw 3D

Hannibal Anthony Hopkins

Film seven in the never-ending Chainsaw series, Texas Chainsaw 3D serves as a sequel to the original film from 1974.

A young adopted woman named Heather and her friends arrive in the town of Newt, Texas to collect some inheritance from her late grandmother. Whilst staying at Granny's house, the gang discover that Leatherface is living in the basement.

Honestly, old people will collect any old junk.

LF goes on a killing spree, as he is one to do, but stops when he sees a strange birthmark on Heather's chest. It is the sigil of the Sawyer family, to which Heather's grandma secretly belonged. That makes Heather and Leatherface long-lost cousins.

This prompts the young woman to do a total 180 on the hulking murderer, as he's the only real family she's got. She saves him from the police, before reading a letter from her grandmother that tells her Leatherface will act as her guardian for the rest of his days.

Again, there is a lot of killing to overlook in this one. However, the film ends with Leatherface skewed more towards good than evil. We never got a direct follow-up to this film, so we'll never know for sure.


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