9 Horror Movies Everyone Remembers For One Scene

Truly horrible or horrifyingly funny, these moments made their movies unforgettable.

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Horror movies have been a staple of cinema since the medium first began.

The idea that pictures on a screen can be used to scare the absolute pants off of just about anyone seems to grab so many of us, and maybe that's one reason why so many filmmakers like to test their hand at the genre. It makes sense, really; it's a singular challenge, framing and timing each shot to elicit the appropriate response from your audience, and over the last century, we've seen it perfected by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, James Wan and George A. Romero.

Given that those scares often thoroughly sear themselves into our memories, it follows that we'd remember the movie for it.

And in many cases, this is exactly what happens: horror movies remembered for their scariest moment, the one that grips you the hardest.

There are other occasions when the most memorable moment is a line of well-placed memorable dialogue, or a particularly iconic image that comes to symbolise the movie itself, but, put simply, so many horror movies sink their teeth into you with one lingering, impossible-to-forget moment.

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