9 Horror Movies Everyone Remembers For One Scene

8. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - Welcome To Prime Time

Carrie Sissy Spacek
New Line Cinema

A Nightmare on Elm Street was the 1984 slasher that introduced us to everyone's favourite child-killing burn victim, Freddy Krueger.

While a number of sequels, reboots and crossovers have filled out the franchise, none of them have ever fully recaptured the magic of Freddy's first outing.

Freddy's most iconic line didn't come from his debut, though. It was actually the third installment in the franchise that introduced Freddy's most memorable moment.

While aspiring actress Jennifer is channel surfing late at night, Freddy manifests briefly on the screen before the image cuts out. Approaching the TV in hopes of fixing it, Jennifer is suddenly grabbed by two robotic arms and lifted to stare into the screen. Freddy's head is somehow birthed from the top of the machine, and he sarcastically tells her, "welcome to prime time, b*tch!", before pulling her face-first through the glass.

It was the line that characterised Freddy as the wise-cracking killer, setting him apart from some of his slasher movie competitors, and it was easily the most - or indeed, only - memorable thing about A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

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