9 Incredible Movie Scenes Let Down By Awful Acting

No-one thought about a second take?

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In many well regarded films, the presentation of what we see is defined by everyone in front of and behind the camera doing their upmost to immerse us into the film we're watching. Movies that are considered great tend to have half a dozen defining, re-watchable moments that could propel everyone involved to award-winning acclaim.

But sometimes an amazing, jaw-dropping and defining moment in a film (and probably cinema history) can be let down by not all the pieces finding their place. In most cases, if multiple actors are on screen the success of a scene needs to be held up and supported by everyone but sometimes...there's one rotten egg that lets them all down.

Sometimes the actors didn't give their best in a take. Other times the dialogue they use is so diatribe you have to give some blame to the writer, and if everything still doesn't feel right we have to look to the director for not choosing the right motivation for a take. In case of actors reading their lines and emoting a scene poorly, it stands out like a sore thumb and no amount of great acting from everyone else can fix that.

Let's take a look at ten films with amazing scenes, harmed by one actor just not being as good as the rest...

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