9 Insanely Ambitious Upcoming Movies You Won't Believe

You ain't seen nothing yet...

Gemini Man

Living in an age that has brought your favourite childhood superheroes together on screen to battle a big purple warlord and taken you back in time about as frequently as the rain falls in Manchester, it may be hard to see where we go from here in terms of thinking outside the box.

We've played with found footage, tackled taboos and even allowed ourselves to be (literally) moved in our seats.

In life, it's only natural that we want to explore new forms that can push the boundaries of what is expected. Whether it is food, clothing or sport, to name but a few, we're constantly trying to redefine and search for an exciting new way of doing things.


Because we like to experience the undiscovered and to venture into untrodden soil.

Film can be a medium that allows us to tackle issues in unexpected ways and permit us to answer questions with our technology and new-found perspectives. It might not always be to everyone's taste but if it's ambitious then, more often than not, it can inspire a chain reaction that can send reverberations through the industry for years to come.

9. The "Digital Fur Technology" Cats Movie

Gemini Man
Monumental Pictures

When Tom Hooper signs on to direct something, he doesn't do things by halves. This is the man who insisted on every performer singing live - with an ear piece feeding a live accompaniment - on the set of his take on Les Miserables, after all.

Large ensemble casts are a walk in the park for Hooper, as evidenced in his previous work, so the juggling of Jennifer Hudson, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and James Corden's egos wouldn't phase this project.

What tips this film into the INSANELY ambitious dimension is Hooper's insistence of having each performer sent to 'Cat' school to refine their inner pussy, which can be likened to the animal studies that many actors undertake when creating a character. Hooper would then take his cast onto a live oversized set (to make the Cats look their actual size in comparison) and have them pounce and prowl through their scenes in full motion capture suits before adding 'Digital Fur Technology', as Hooper calls it, in post-production.

As the final touches are being added to the December 2019 release, this ballsy move to fully commit to the fairly creepy world of Andrew Lloyd Webber's furry creation could be a seminal moment for motion capture technology.

Based on the early trailers, Hooper hasn't dialled back on the creepy.


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...