9 Leisurely Locations That Movies Ruined Forever

Thanks for scaring us away from the seaside, Spielberg.

Where is it you go when the pressure and strain of everyday life tighten your chest? Where is it you escape to for deserved reward after a long week's toil? We all have our own preferred getaway places. Those locations of blissful escapism. No matter where they are, these areas each share the common trait of being once removed from the stultifying nature of routine. These places offer an exciting alternative. They offer time away from the real world. It's human nature to desire locations of leisure. Relaxation is part of culture. So what happens then, when these pleasurable arenas are filtered through dark shades and framed in negative ways? There is of course, no more appropriate medium to subvert leisurely places than cinema, which has the ability to juxtapose problematic themes with pictures of benediction with considerable effect. The following article lists nine examples of leisurely locations frequented by the global population that have been flipped and manipulated at the conniving hands of cinema. Some have been turned into freakish nightmares, whereas others have acted as a stage for dark analogies. Chances are, you will have visited more than one of the below locations for a leisurely afternoon, evening, or weekend before. To take a peek at how certain films have declared war on happy places, just hit "next". A few spoilers will be present throughout.

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