9 Leisurely Locations That Movies Ruined Forever

9. Disneyland

Which Film Ruined It? Escape From Tomorrow How Did It Ruin It? By turning America's most-loved location into a Lynchian nightmare. Hands up if you hate Disneyland. You know €“ that magical place with Mickey Mouse and fun rides and giant Churros? No one? Well, Randy Moore does. And he made his own movie just to prove it in 2012 called Escape From Tomorrow. An example of guerrilla filmmaking at its finest, Moore surreptitiously shot inside the Disney theme parks in California and Florida, sneaking in his camera crew in tourist attire. Disney strictly prohibit filmmaking within the park, but Moore managed it, and the giant corporation have kept schtum on the film instead of suing the pants off the director, apparently deciding that ignoring the film would make it go away. Not quite, but it seems to have been the wiser choice, as Escape From Tomorrow reached a modest American audience (although this may be as much to do with its surrealistic angle as well as its modest promotion budget). Moore gets the ball rolling quite literally from the beginning, as a passenger on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is decapitated during the opening montage, before turning the cute figures on the €œIt€™s a Small World€ ride into malevolent demons. It€™s a take on Disneyland that€™s never truly been explored before, as Moore flips the theme park€™s sense of beauty and wonder into seediness and virulence. Dipped in a haunting black and white filter from start to finish, Escape From Tomorrow is a take on Disney that€™s as dark as you€™re ever likely to encounter, turning what was once a magical location into one that appears as sickly, cloying and evil. Cheers, Randy.

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