9 Major Movie Stars Who've Died Onscreen In Really Disgusting Ways

Turns out being A-list doesn't always protect you.

The Counselor Brad Pitt
20th Century Fox

With the exception of maybe Sean Bean and Robert De Niro, it’s fairly uncommon for a big name actor to regularly meet their end in a movie. Even if they do it will usually be a brave, dignified exit where they’re either sacrifice themselves or pass away from a disease.

This route may yield more Oscars, but it misses out on the ick factor of seeing the expire in the nastiest way imaginable. Some actors are so concerned with their image that they’ll pass up on the chance to meet a gory exit, and as most of the choices on this list show, these deaths are easily the most memorable thing about their respective films.

Whether it’s gory decapitation, animal attack or meeting the wrong end of a baseball bat all of these deaths are made shocking by the fact it’s a well known face on the receiving end of them. 

9. Ray Liotta - Hannibal

The Counselor Brad Pitt
Universal Pictures

Ridley Scott’s Hannibal was a bit of a polarizing experience for most audiences; it wasn’t the master exercise in suspense that Silence Of The Lambs was, but it made up for it with tons of icky gore and insane levels of b-movie camp. During the runtime we get an extreme disembowelment, a man getting eaten alive by flesh-devouring pigs and best (or worst) of all, the Ray Liotta dinner scene.

Liotta plays a sleazy official in the movie, who gets his just desserts (sorry) when Lecter captures him and stages a dinner for Sterling. He just seems a little dazed to begin with, but once Hannibal reveals that he’s removed the top of his skull things quickly go downhill. The cannibal cuts away bits of his brain while he’s still conscious and starts frying them, but he’s nice enough to serve his victim a few pieces.

If it wasn’t for the blackly comic tone it would be nearly unwatchable, and it’s still pretty damn horrible as it is.


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