9 MCU Characters Most Unlike The Comics

How Marvel superheroes and supervillains change from page-to-screen.

If you ask people to describe Tony Stark's personality, chances are they'll quickly mention his sarcastic sense of humour. While that is absolutely a trait of Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stark was hardly portrayed that way in comics for the first 45 years of his existence.

Before the 2008 release of the first Iron Man film, few comics fans would have ever described Tony Stark as humorous. Of course, as long as film has adapted from other works, changes have been made to the source material. And the personality and details of our favourite superheroes and supervillains are no exception. Even in the MCU, which is generally praised by Marvel Comics fans for the quality of its movies, there have been radical changes made to characters in appearance, origin, and, most dynamically, personality.

Not all of these changes were for the worse. In fact, in some instances the comic book version of the character ended up becoming more like the MCU version once the big-screen take on the character proved popular.

The following ten MCU characters are very unlike their original portrayals in the comics, with some only similar in name only.


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