9 More Actors Who Just Gave Their Worst Performance Ever

2023 was a stellar year for bad performances, but these actors really gave it their worst.

The Expendables 4 Jason Statham Megan Fox

Looking back over 2023, we have been blessed by surprisingly few out-and-out big-screen hits compared with previous years. Oppenheimer gave moviegoers something to cheer about, but it's hard to imagine anybody will be talking about Expend4bles, Napoleon, Hypnotic or You People in the decades to come.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why those films underwhelmed, but one that they all had in common is that they each featured at least one career-worst performance.

No matter what way the Hollywood winds have blown, big and small hitters from across the A-list have, of late, delivered some listless performances. Granted, it's not always the actor's fault, with tragic technical work, Swiss cheese plots, and dialogue only Tommy Wiseau would sign off on all having a hand in constructing an unsalvageable role. Not that that excuse applies to every lowlight on this list, however, with some actors making an unfortunate habit of bad portrayals across multiple films.

Whatever the cause, no matter the symptom, even the more decent films didn't stand a chance with these actors putting in their worst performances.

9. Chris Evans - Ghosted

The Expendables 4 Jason Statham Megan Fox
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Chris Evans and Ana de Armas first set our screens on fire in Rian Johnson's mystery movie Knives Out, despite the fact they were playing enemies. This was followed up by a similarly antagonistic setup in the Russo Brothers' actioner The Gray Man, which, although not an out-and-out success, still showed the pair made good big-screen companions. Therefore, it made sense that producers wanted to get them back together in a more cooperative role.

Unfortunately, the film that united them for the third time was the secret agent action-comedy, Ghosted. Failing on both the action and comedy fronts, the film suffers from not really knowing what it is and where it belongs - and this extends to the cast. De Armas is bad, the usually reliable Evans is worse, and the pair don't have enough chemistry to strike a spark, never mind set fires.

Now, much of the blame here can be placed on the script and overall direction of Ghosted, but the rest is on the performances. No two ways about it, Evans is the worst thing about this dull disaster. He falls flat on the banter, and doesn't sell even a moment of the supposedly budding relationship with his co-star. Definitely an all-time worst for the man who led Captain America and Snowpiercer.


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