9 Movie Franchises That Awkwardly Continued When Their Stars Bailed

Terminator Salvation Movie franchises are Hollywood's favourite thing in the whole wide world. There's nothing more appealing to movie executives everywhere than a franchise - one that they can potentially exploit for decades, luring audiences back into theatres with the promise of a "bigger, better" movie in the series. This is made incredibly easy to achieve when the first movie in the franchise is considered to be a classic: The Godfather, Jaws, Rocky - if they made another movie in any one of those franchises right this second, dubious fans would still head to theatres to check them out. But a franchise only really ever manages to succeed in the long-run if the original star remains attached to each and every installment, and even then it's notoriously shaky ground - nobody really wants to see a franchise continuing without the characters that audiences have come to know and love right there in the middle of them. When a Hollywood star decides that it's time to bail on a series, either because they've done all they can with it, or because it's too far removed from the original product, Hollywood should take note and call it a day. But they don't. And if the main star says goodbye, they'll just replace them... often to incredibly disastrous results.

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