9 Movie Franchises That Completely Spiraled Out Of Control

Talk about destroying great ideas.

Some films just aren€™t meant to have sequels. Over the years, there have been so many franchises that started strong but slowly devolved as the story was stretched out for way longer than was appropriate. This happens with horror quite often, with a brilliant original movie becoming a yearly event as the killer keeps coming back. But these sequels have to be filled with at least a little bit of plot, and so a series continuity is developed that becomes so overly complicated, you practically need a chalkboard and some graphing paper to piece it all together. If not complicated, it just becomes really dumb. It's not exclusive to horror, though, with other franchises like Terminator and Planet Of The Apesjust completely losing control and becoming a total mess that required a reboot to get things back on track. Not all of these movies are necessarily bad - though some undoubtedly are - and the point here isn't just to put the boot in on them. More important - and more frustrating - are those franchises that completely morphed into something else, either totally shifting tones, piling on way too much continuity, or actively reversing the point of what came before. Being bad is one thing, completely spiralling out of control is another entirely.
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