9 Movie Moments Too Exciting To Be Onscreen

Predator When you watch a movie or a television show you are given a guided tour through of the story by what is on the screen. As visual media, there is an expectation that the story will be told not only by what you hear (i.e. through the dialogue) but what you see as well. In fictional movies and TV the characters act in their own universe, and the camera is almost always there at the most exciting moments in their story. But this list is about the moments that aren't caught on screen, not because they aren't interesting or important to the story, but because they aren't shown. In a significant number of these cases it because what was written was too expensive to shoot, but it was too integral to the rest of the story to take out. But it can also be because there is a narrative reason why the director or showrunner withheld this information, whether it's to ramp up the suspense or create a more subjective narrative. Just a few notes about the list: no cliffhanger endings (only stuff that happens over the course of the story rather than after it is over), nothing that has to extrapolated by the audience (meaning that it has to be specifically referenced/talked about in the movie or show), and nothing that was left out because the plot wasn't entirely put together (meaning that if a bad B-movie has a dead character come back to life for no reason, his missing resurrection scene wouldn't count). This list isn't definitive, but these are some of the most exciting moments to ever not be seen.

Bryan Hickman is a WhatCulture contributor residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bryan's passions include film, television, basketball, and writing about himself in the third person.