9 Movie Sequels That Will Probably Be Announced Soon

Bank on it.

Man Of Steel 2
Warner Bros.

Sequels make the world go round as far as Hollywood is concerned, because what does a movie studio love more than a franchise, new or old, that they can continue milking until it's a withered, fetid husk of repugnant blandness and cynicism?

Movie sequels are always being considered by studios behind closed doors whether they're publicly revealed or not, but these 15 movie follow-ups are actually incredibly likely to be officially confirmed in the near-future, either because the previous film was a ridiculous success, or an upcoming project is widely expected to blow the doors off the global box office.

These sequels are all pretty much sure things as far as financial returns are concerned (critical reception is meanwhile a whole other beast), so it's just a matter of time before word comes down from on high that the films are indeed going ahead.

If they're not all formally confirmed within the next year, something's gone horribly wrong somewhere...

9. Power Rangers 2

Power Rangers

This past summer's Power Rangers reboot enjoyed a strong box office opening but quickly fell off a cliff, effectively killing the hopes of many that a sequel (the first in a planned cinematic universe) would be fast-tracked for release in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

However, it's since come to light that the movie has been an incredible seller on home video and shifted a ton of toys, so it's actually still pretty likely that a follow-up will happen.

While it'll basically end up being a tool to sell more merch more than anything else, you can count on Power Rangers 2 being confirmed within the next year. If not, then it's probably not happening.


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