9 Movie Sets Recycled In Other Movies

This means Billy Madison is one of Xavier's Gifted Children, right?

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As Stephen King once wrote, "sooner or later everything old is new again".

While King was talking about horror tropes, those words can easily be used as a blanket statement about the film industry. Whether it's certain genres, certain styles of filmmaking or even certain actors, what was once classed as outdated and uninteresting can find itself back in the spotlight and to brand new acclaim.

One other element of the film industry that has so often been dug out and given a fresh lick of paint for modern times, is the very background sets and locations seen across various productions.

More often than you'd likely realise, Hollywood has had a habit of revisiting a particular custom-made set or location and using it time and time again across a wide array of various movies and TV shows. For example, the original Star Trek TV series of the '60s seemed to rehash the same set every other week!

Sticking purely with cinema though, and here are nine such examples of a movie set or location being dug up, cleaned down, and reused for an entirely different project.

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