9 Movie Spoilers Hidden In Posters

8. Revealing Who Died - Night Of The Living Dead

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Night of the Living Dead has had plenty of remakes and re-releases due a copyright issue putting it firmly in the public domain, but the single one of these that wasn't a soulless attempt to cash in on the name alone was the 1990 Tom Savini-directed effort.

A long time collaborator of original helmer George A. Romero, Savini oversaw the remake based on an updated script from Romero himself. The movie itself - while not of the calibre of the original - was a solid re-imagining and changed a few things around to keep longtime fans on their toes.

In this version, hero Ben still dies, however he succumbs to a gunshot wound and zombifies overnight - a welcome surprise for fans who may have expected to see Ben bite the dust in the same tragic way he did in the original.

Well, it was a nice surprise if they didn't see a poster for the film that promptly displays a zombified Ben front and centre. Cool. Cool cool cool.

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