9 Movies That Prove Capitalism Isn't All Bad

RIsky Business For the record, I don't think that capitalism is all good either, I just think it has proved itself to be slightly more workable than previous attempts at economic organisation. No doubt one of those 'capitalism is crisis' types in a tent outside a Starbucks would shout at me for saying that, but it's what I believe. In compiling this list I have realised that it is far easier to find films that roundly criticise capitalism and blame the system for all that is wrong in the Western world than it is to find movies actively celebrating its benefits. It seems the creative types who go into film-making are a radical bunch. You'd have thought the fact that the movie business has made many of them incredibly wealthy would merit a degree of gratitude to the economic system that permits such a state of affairs. In American Psycho for instance it is very easy to criticise the shallowness of Patrick Bateman's lifestyle, and the fact that he likes to hack people to death with axes. No one focuses on the fact that Patrick does have a very nice apartment, as well as a truly impressive collection of business cards. (I should point out here that this is intended as a joke. In my last list I realised that some internet folk do not understand tongue-in-cheek humour unless you use that annoying emoticon, which I refuse to do.) So anyway, I tried to find films that highlight the benefits of capitalism, not just the increasingly hipster-ish ideal that it somehow holds us all back. To quote Mark Corrigan from Channel 4's Peep Show: "It's only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means you're not lying in your own s**t, dying at 43 with rotten teeth".
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