9 Movies That Prove Capitalism Isn't All Bad

9. Iron Man


The first of two superheroes on this list (I bet you can guess the other one) that owe a significant part of their status to the capitalist system. Tony Stark is a very rich man. He has reached that level of wealth that a certain few will always reach in a market economy. Really, he has too much money. But there's no doubt at all that he needs every penny, as being Iron Man is an expensive business. A recent estimate put the eye-watering cost of being Iron Man at around $1,600,000,000 . While Tony Stark is clearly a very clever man who has a talent for building some impressive weaponry, a major asset continues to be his huge bank account. And this huge bank account was built in a market economy. So capitalism can't be all bad - after all, there's a chance you could become Iron Man.
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