9 Movies To Watch If You Loved Squid Game

If you liked seeing a bunch of strangers battle it out for a cash prize then these will be ideal!

Funhouse and Squid Game
SF Studios / Netflix

Squid Game is the latest Netflix series that everyone is talking about. The internet is going mad with memes and theories and discussions all about this horror-packed K-drama, and in its wake people are starting to wonder where they're going to get their fix of on-screen thrills when it's all over.

If you find there is a gap in your life since finishing the series then don't worry, there are plenty of other incredible series and films out there to scratch your itch. In horror it's a pretty common theme to have strangers brought together into a strange location, often to fight it out for money, survival or both as we've seen in Squid Game.

No film can completely match the series in tone and content, but this isn't a bad thing, it's great that we have ready access to these ambitious and unique experiences! Though impossible to totally recreate, these films should be able to give you a taste of what you're craving: strangers coming together or breaking apart, a cash prize dangling like a carrot on a stick, or maybe a shady organisation overseeing some messed up games.

Whether you're looking to match the premise or the vibe, don't you worry because these films have got you covered.

9. Fermat's Room

Funhouse and Squid Game
Notro Films

This lesser known Spanish horror is for the big-brained among us, revolving around a group of genius mathematicians who must solve equations in order to survive.

Finding themselves locked in a room, the geeks deduce that for each answer they get wrong or reach too slowly, the walls will close in. The opposite of Squid Games' wide open spaces and eerily high walls, this film offers up some incredibly claustrophobic thrills.

Given that the puzzles are no longer literal kids games, the chances of us as the audience being able to play along is slimmer, but it means that we can enjoy the tension and unfolding story without the preoccupation of trying to solve it. With some interesting characters and an added mystery of identities, Fermat's Room could be the off-the-wall flick you've been searching for.


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