9 Movies To Watch If You Loved Squid Game

8. And Then There Were None (1974)

Funhouse and Squid Game
AVCO Embassy Pictures

I'm sure you didn't think of Agatha Christie when starting to watch Squid Game, but her style of whittling down victims and mix of who-dunnit and thriller drama, this film sees a group of ten strangers invited to a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Iran. Whilst most people would see this invitation as suspicious and its location even more so, as we've seen with Squid Game, people are willing to put themselves into really weird positions with the right kind of convincing.

More about interpersonal tensions than about solving puzzles, And Then There Were None follows our group of ten as they are slowly whittled down in number. They are all accused by a mysterious person of some past crime, for which they managed to evade conviction or consequence. From that moment on, they start dropping like flies.

A range of deaths are served up in this oh-so-seventies offering, and if you enjoyed the twists and turns delivered by the characters in Squid Game then you're sure to enjoy some of the same here. It's true that you never really know anybody all the way through, doubly true if you're all strangers.


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