9 Movies With Surprisingly Low Body Counts

Notorious killers like Rambo and Freddy Krueger? Not always.

Rambo First Blood

Death is a part of life and, increasingly, a part of movies too. Look at the conversation around the release of almost every big blockbuster and you'll see predictions on which major character will die. Even when nobody ends up being killed off at all.

There's a suspicion, though, that film fans might have more of a bloodlust than the creators behind their favourite films. The truth is that even some of the most horrific and violence-filled films don't necessarily have very high body counts.

You'd be stunned at the statistics you can uncover if you put down the popcorn and pick up the pen while watching a film. And even some films with lots of action, bundles of peril and the presence of some serious weaponry don't always kill a lot of characters...

9. A Nightmare On Elm Street (4 Deaths)

Rambo First Blood
New Line

For one of the most legendary killers in movie history, Freddy Krueger doesn’t do an awful lot of it in his first outing.

While each of the quartet of deaths are certainly bloody and memorable, one would just expect a higher output from such a vengeful man that has a deadly weapon conveniently attached to his arm.

However, despite the surprisingly low kill count, there’s no denying that the Freddy Krueger of this film is a terrifying villain. Credit must go to Wes Craven and Robert Englund for striking such movie gold that the character has endured even while the sequels have got steadily worse.

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