9 Movies You've Never Fully Seen (But Hopefully Will)

We've already had the Snyder Cut, so how about these other alternative, extended movie cuts?

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Brad Pitt
Warner Bros.

The amount of push-and-pull that goes into releasing even the most smoothly-produced movie is undeniable - getting a film in cinemas requires so many moving parts working together synchronously, such that the end result is often far from what the filmmaker originally envisioned.

Movie studios are of course trying to make as much money as possible, and if they think they can make more moolah by trimming down the runtime or cutting controversial plot elements, why wouldn't they?

Yet with the many expansive home video options available these days, there's clearly a bigger market than ever for Director's Cuts and Extended Editions to be released.

When a studio can theoretically release an alternate version of a movie to streaming platforms without the cost of a glossy Blu-ray release, why not meet the demand?

To that end, these 10 movies, whether flawed blockbuster flops or iconic smash hits, all left a pile of material on the cutting room floor, to such an extent that the filmmakers were able to create a far more complete Director's Cut.

Going from what we know about these alternate edits, each would significantly re-shape these films as we know them, probably for the better and certainly to the great interest of many fans.

As to whether they'll actually ever see the light of day? Keep your fingers and toes firmly crossed...


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