9 People You Won't Believe Actually Died Watching Famous Movies

Probably should've gone bowling instead.

The last thing you need when you go see a movie is a direct run-in with the Grim Reaper. Apart from it literally and actually being the last thing you need (kind of goes without saying, huh?), sitting down to a film is not an activity that most people tend to associate with an increased risk of death. Bungie jumping? Mostly safe, but you could at least see how something like that could go wrong. Mountain climbing? Somewhat risky, but you'll probably be okay if you're careful. Sitting down to the latest James Cameron blockbuster? Well, what could be safer than that, right? Right? For a few unfortunate individuals, a bungie jump from the world's highest mountain might have been more suitable, given that a trip to the movies not only ended up costing them an extortionate amount for a bucket of popcorn... but their very lives! That's right: for the unlucky folk who went out to catch these famous flicks - in a whole variety of genres - the trip proved to be downright fatal. In some cases, deaths were trigged by the sheer intensity of the movies in question... in other cases, the causes are a little weirder. And in one case, the cause is kind of... hilarious?

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